Kyrsta; provided voluntary physiotherapy and equipment in South Africa in 2009, now back and working in Edinburgh

The last week
October 15, 2009, 6:14 pm
Filed under: Volunteering Physiotherapist

Well, ok so you all want to know how the last week has gone.
I arrived in Soweto with my homestay host Tumi, who took me to the local hang out. I started work on monday. The kids that I’m working with are fantastic. Just gorgeous. A mix of CP, downs, and the occasional autistic. The centre in Soweto has not had physiotherapy input for a year, and I was a little overwhelmed initially. By Tuesday I had decided and acted n a plan of action, ask the teachers who they want me to see and why! Get them to go through specific problems, what they do and show them what they can do and or change to improve on what they are already doing well. By the thursday I was in demand and had to create a time table so that the teachers knew my availability and could work around their daily routine to ensure that all of our time is used wisely.
It’s been a great experience and it’s only been a week. The centre has similar problems to places here, equipment, staff, knowledge, they do soo well.
The equipment is not yet on route yet… I’ll let you all know!

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